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Dream Music Piano School is the pathway that connects talented teachers with talented and curious students. We strive to achieve our aims of supporting children’s academic growth and valuing educators fairly. Our vision is “Love, Peace, Music” because what is more fulfilling than the love that comes from music? We believe that music is the escape everyone needs and deserves; therefore, we wish to provide a suitable platform where individuals can come and exhibit their talents in a healthy and productive environment that fosters their learning while making them feel peaceful. 

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About Dream Music Piano Lessons Singapore
Music Is a Way of Life


About Us – We at Dream Music Piano School in Singapore are known for professional and high-quality private piano lessons. Dream Music Piano School was started by a group of highly accomplished, educated, and professional pianists and music instructors who wanted to share their love of the piano, music

Our vision is “Love, Peace, Music,” where we wish to spread love among people and offer them the peace and calamity that comes from the experience of music. We want to share our piano skills with Singapore’s vibrant music community to exude a healthy lifestyle and feelings of fulfillment. We put equal weight on the foundational work and the creative process, making learning the piano more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Dream Music Piano School prioritizes ensuring that every one of our students has a rewarding and fruitful learning experience. We are more concerned with our client’s particular affairs than the end goal since we believe the pathway is more important than achieving your final destination.

Why Us?

We believe that music is indeed the soul of the universe, and we intend to provide everyone with the soul nourishment they require through our programs. One of the most profound aspects of being human can be experienced through music, which gives us access to something greater than ourselves. 

Taking music lessons from trained instructors can do wonders for a child’s sense of self-worth, introduce them to a lifelong passion, and instill respect for the enriching journey of learning music. 

Dream Piano Lessons Singapore Professional Certification

Professional And Certified

All of our outstanding music teachers have either professional certifications or extensive professional performance experience at a high level. Our music teachers are devoted to knowing your specific musical goals and aiding you in reaching them. Because we have many teachers for each instrument, we are certain that we will be able to match you with the ideal instructor for your music lessons. Our teachers trained to educate and they also have warm personalities. They are dedicated to teaching you the type of music you like to learn.

Our teachers are each was chosen specifically for their wealth of experience, expertise, and positive demeanor.

Your music lessons will always be structured to offer you an educational experience that is not only fun and stimulating but also beneficial to your overall health. 

Custom Music Lessons Plan

Have you ever missed class? Will you be away from the city? No problem! Signing up for one of our school’s many custom sessions is simple. We provide same-time scheduling, allowing our customers with many children and hectic schedules the option of having their children attend various sessions at the same time and in the same place. We have instructors whom teach in different locations across Singapore. Our vast range of class hours is designed to fit even the busiest schedules, saving you time and effort.

We aim to accommodate your hectic schedule with flexible hours and a variety of class periods to choose from.

Dream Piano Lessons Singapore Custom Music Lessons Plans
Dream Piano Lessons Singapore Affordable Lessons


Dream Music Piano SChool offer customized music lesson packages according to the different budget of our students. We believe everyone should have equal opportunities to learn and can thus choose their plans based on affordability. Our professional teachers do not compromise on quality and ensure everyone learns correctly. Similarly, our Music for Little children program is a well-thought-out curriculum that strikes a healthy balance between the self-discipline required to play the piano and the pleasure that may be derived from creating music.

Our pricing is relatively competitive compared to the quality of the services we provide.

Teaching Experience

Our curriculum is more effective than the traditional curriculum, which is often designated for individual tutoring sessions because it has been optimized for delivery in a group setting. Students may be driven to study, and excellent teachers may ignite a passion for music inside the hearts of their students. Our teachers are chosen not only based on their education and knowledge but also on their ability to encourage and assist their pupils.


It was recognized from the outset that giving pupils additional performance opportunities beyond the occasional music evaluation was of the highest significance. Despite the importance of graded music examinations, we believe that parents, other relatives, and close friends do not have the opportunity to see a kid perform.

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Dream Piano Lessons Singapore Passionate Teachers

Passionate Teachers

We believe that students learn most successfully when given a chance to pursue their musical interests. Our teachers are proficient in various musical genres, from modern to traditional techniques. Regardless of the kind of music that calls to you or your child, we have a teacher that can help them master it.

Beginning with the first lesson, our passionate teachers emphasize the development of multifaceted musicality. The different parts of music studies should be developed holistically, according to our concept. This category includes the ability to read music, an understanding of rhythm, and knowledge of theory, artistry, expression, and technique. An approach that achieves a balance produces students who can play with self-assurance and expressiveness and study independently.

Variety of Teachers

Our piano teachers include a variety of musical styles, from classical to modern, in their sessions. Whether you choose to study Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are eager to help you become the pianist you’ve always envisioned and share their enthusiasm for music. Because we have a wide variety of music teachers, we can match students with instructors who fit their age, ability level, and musical interests best. In addition to teaching you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, and theory, our teachers will also teach you how to play your favorite songs on the piano.

Dream Piano Lessons Singapore Variety of Teachers
Our Values

We emphasize working collaboratively with schools, parents, and students to develop the most optimal setting for learning. Our instructors have been carefully selected and committed to achieving the same goal: paving the road for exceptional musical education through a collaborative effort.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to education because every six or twenty-six-year-old student is unique and must be treated as such. Dealing with students’ perfectionism, performance anxiety, and performance psychology has challenges and inspires us to think creatively and introspectively. We believe in active and healthy communication. Our objective as teachers is to empower our students by providing them with the materials and support they need to engage in activities that lead to their discoveries and learning.

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Piano Lessons

Music is a global language that transcends age, ethnicity, and other distinctions.

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Learning to play guitar can be an exciting and rewarding experience

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Learning to sing can enhance not only your musical abilities but also your overall wellbeing

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Learning to play the electric guitar can be a challenging but rewarding experience

Let the music take you away.

Get the Best Music Learning Experience With Us
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Connecting talented teachers with talented and curious students

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Get the Best Music Learning Experience With Us
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Connecting talented teachers with talented and curious students